“Boxing Day”- Blink-182


 Release Year: 2012

Rating: 8.5/10

Our favorite punk-pop trio has given us a taste of their upcoming EP and it is good! A few days ago they released “Boxing Day” from their Dogs Eating Dogs EP, which will be out December 18. It’s an acoustic number that follows the same formula as their other acoustic song “What Went Wrong.” Though the boys aren’t resorting back to their potty humor or rocking out on this track, it’s still a great song that shows how they are ready more than ever to make music together once again.

Before the release of the song, Travis Barker said some of the tracks had a folk feeling to them. And he’s right, at least with this one. The acoustic guitar and the mellow tempo of the song are a pretty different territory for the band, but it doesn’t sound weird and somehow it still feels like a Blink-182 song. Just as with some of their other acoustic songs, this one is pretty somber, especially when Mark sings “I’m empty like the day after Christmas/Swept beneath the wave of your goodbye.” And even though there are some references to Christmas, I wouldn’t call this a Christmas song. It’s something you can listen to all year round that happens to take place around the holiday.

Another thing that makes the song great is Tom’s singing. His vocals have been a point of contention ever since the band reformed. Some liked his new singing style, while most fans detested it. Tom wasn’t a great singer by any means, but something about his voice let you know you were listening to a Blink song and it fit in perfectly with their style. When he made AvA, it’s like he was actually trying to sing and it just didn’t sound as good. He improved somewhat during Neighborhoods, but here he sounds more like his old self. It doesn’t sound like he’s trying as hard and it feels like he’s more comfortable in the band. It’s just refreshing to hear.

As with most Blink songs, this one is catchy. It does lack in energy and awesome guitar riffs, but after a second listen you’ll be singing along with Mark and Tom. Making catchy tunes is one thing the band knows how to do well and it seems like they’ll be continuing the trend with this new release. I don’t know how, but by listening to this song you can tell the guys are ready for a real comeback. They just sound more solid, comfortable with each, and sure of themselves than they did on their last album. Maybe it’s because they were all in the studio while recording or maybe it’s because they got used to being a band again. I don’t know, but you can just hear that they have regained the chemistry they once had with each other.

Overall, the song gets 8.5/10. It may not be the best or most energetic Blink-182 song, but it’s really solid and catchy. It may not be something that you’ll fall in love with on the first listen, but it will definitely grow on you. Though the band is no stranger to sad songs, the sound is a bit different from what we’re used to, but it works really well. If anything, it gets you pumped for the EP and any new music they have planned for the future.


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