The Urethra Chronicles 2: Harder, Faster Faster, Harder- Blink-182

Release Year: 2002

Rating: 8.5/10

This video picks up where the original left off. It follows Blink’s success during the Take Off Your Pants and Jacket era and it’s basically the same as the first video. It features candid, interview, and live footage of the band talking about a variety of topics from touring to dancing to aliens. Even though it follows the same format as the first video, it’s still entertaining and something that every Blink fan should check out. There’s some great behind the scenes footage along with tons of funny moments from the band.

The video starts off the same way as before with separate sections for each member of the band. It’s basically footage of them being idiots or playing on stage, though Travis’ section is mostly about how much he loves his cars. His section is a little boring compared to the other guys, but it’s still interesting to watch if you want to learn more about the silent drummer. But the best bits come from Mark and Tom (as always). Of course they’re full of dick and fart jokes, but there’s also Mark running away from a bee, Tom attempting to dance, and pranks galore. Though I must say Tom’s interviews are kind of awkward. When you watch it you can tell something is off about him because you can barely understand what he’s saying, he looks like he aged 20 years over night, and seems very tired. When you read what was going on at this time it all starts to click together. Tom had back surgery and was prescribed pain killers. That and the fact that he was drinking excessively make weird and at times uncomfortable moments.

Along with these interviews you can find backstage footage that shows the guys being reckless and destructive, a weird part of them in Las Vegas where Tom claims to be a trained Navy Seal while in his underwear and with his face painted in army fatigue, and making the video footage for “Stay Together for the Kids” (both versions), “Rock Show,” and “First Date.” This is some of the best content on the disc because not only is it funny, but you learn about how the videos were made and where the ideas for them came from. And for the first time they include footage of them recording TOYPAJ in the studio. This is awesome because it’s really interesting to hear them talk about the good and bad parts of the recording process.

Just as with the first DVD, the part of the video that’s probably better left off is the “Friends” section. Again, the thought behind this is nice on the band’s part. They wanted to include their family and friends here, but I think it’s a bit boring for the fans, especially since it’s mostly pictures of people with no idea of their relation to the guys. The only interesting part is when each band member talks about how much they care for each other. It gets kind of sad when Mark says they’ll always be a band because all you think about are the three years where they weren’t speaking to each other. But it’s still a sweet gesture.

There is more bonus footage here than found previously and it ranges from awesome to really weird. Of course you can find all the music videos for this era, but there are also live concert performances from their show in Chicago. The songs include “Alien’s Exist” and “Carousel” and they are really good. It’s great to see their energy and silliness on stage, especially since they have yet to release a concert DVD. Where it gets weird is when Mark and Tom talk about some bizarre situation they made up featuring a unicorn and a wizard. It’s so out there that Tom can’t keep a straight face during the whole thing. There’s also a part with Tom discussing how the government is keeping UFO’s under wraps. When you see his massive collection of conspiracy theory books, you start think he’s a little crazy (if you weren’t thinking of that before). Either way the footage is great and makes this video even better.

Overall, this DVD gets 8.5/10. Even though it doesn’t change much from the first Urethra Chronicles, it’s still great fun to watch. The guys provide tons of hilarious memorable moments along with some cool behind the scenes footage of them in the studio and making their videos. The bonus footage here is also pretty sweet, even though some of it may be pretty weird. Right now, it’s as close to a Blink-182 documentary that we have, so it’s something every Blink fan should watch. Really, it makes you wish they did a video like this for each album they released, but maybe we’ll get something like it with their next album.


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