Top 13 Creepy Videos Perfect for Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and while it’s the prime time for watching horror movies and stuffing yourself silly with candy, it’s also the perfect time to enjoy creepy ass music videos. These clips can be just as scary or scarier than some of the horror movies out there. Some of them it’s just the ambiance that’s disturbing, other’s it’s the visuals that creep you out. Turn out the lights if you and hide under the covers. Here are 13 of the creepiest music videos out there.

  1. Beast of Blood-Malice Mizer

This weird video by this not well known Japanese band starts off this list because while it’s not one of the creepiest videos out there, there’s still a lot of weird stuff going on here. Sister murdering sister, pale, eyeless boy licking his lips, body bags coming to life and blood. Lots of blood. Even the harpsichord that plays throughout the song sets the creepy atmosphere for the clip. This video may not give you nightmares, but it will make you utter what the hell is going on.

  1. Technologic- Daft Punk

What makes this video so creepy is the robot baby that stars in this clip. It looks like evil incarnate. It actually looks like it’s on a podium stirring up the masses of its robot-baby army. It must be secretly sending subliminal messages and trying to brain wash us! Don’t be surprise if this was one of those robots built to help humans in some way that turned evil when it was tired of entertaining us humans. The whole thing gets even worse when the camera zooms in on the little terror and you see that it has human teeth and red glowing eyes. Avoid if you are terrified of robot-babies.

  1. Vermillion-Slipknot

What really makes this clip bizarre and a little terrifying is how it’s filmed. The star of the clip is filmed in stop motion, while her surroundings are filmed in super speed. It’s a visual nightmare. Plus, when she puts on that mask and contemplates dancing with the members of Slipknot who have suddenly showed up in her house, you start to get a little creeped out. Add the fact that some of the Slipknot masks are pretty scary themselves and you have a weird video. The video for “Vermillion Pt.2” is pretty creepy in it’s own right too.

  1. Dragula- Rob Zombie

Instead of watching the Rob Zombie remake of Halloween, watch this bizarre video instead. This video may not be all that creepy, but it is perfect for the holiday. There are several references to and clips from b-horror movies. There are even clips of a happy clown that may not have been intended as creepy, but now is when thrown into the mix of this trippy video. That plus Zombie’s ghoulish appearance make for the perfect homage to b-horror movies. This is when Rob Zombie was actually considered pretty creepy, rather than a terrible movie director who puts out mediocre music.

  1. Lullaby- The Cure

This has got to be one of the best videos of the 80’s. 23 years later and it still has that creepy aura about it. Just seeing how uncomfortable Robert Smith looks at the beginning make you a bit uneasy. Once he turns into some horrid human/spider hybrid you are sufficiently creeped out. At one point he has four human arms and legs! Also, seeing Smith in black makeup and long black finger nails is a little unnerving. It helps that the song itself is pretty creepy. When watching make sure “the spider man” isn’t coming after you or at least make sure Robert Smith isn’t hanging out on your ceiling.

  1. From Cradle to Enslave- Cradle of Filth

The phrase “what the fuck” comes to mind when seeing a giant troll towering over the band. Hell, it probably comes to mind when you see the band. Short, fat guys with grotesque baby heads, girls slitting their wrist as if playing the violin, and weird nudity are found in this video from the English metal band. It also features the band dying and turning into the pale undead summoned to performed for this huge troll. It’s pretty standard for any metal that’s trying to be scary. No one said the video had to make sense in order for it to be creepy.

  1. Ghosts- Michael Jackson

This is a MJ video that is highly underrated. Sure, it’s not “Thriller” and in some ways it does try to copy the spooktacular video (he is dancing with more zombies after all). But nonetheless, it has great dancing, awesome songs, and more awesome costumes. But there are some creepy moments in this short film, such as when Michael transforms into this werewolf-beast thing shown above. It’s a little more convincing and scary than the were-cat from “Thriller.” But the mini-movie is kind of disturbing because it tells the tale of a person who is labeled as weird and a freak with a town ready to get rid of him. The scariest part is when Michael decides to go away and proceeds to shatter himself including his face. It’s as if he was telling the story of his own life, which makes this even creepier. Fun fact: horror master Stephen King co-wrote the story for Ghosts.

  1. Happiness in Slavery- NIN

Closer” is the NIN video that usually pops up on lists of creepy/weird videos and while it is creepy, this one takes the cake. This video involves a mutilating machine that a gentleman happily gets into. The machine then goes on to chop, mash, and shred him up for its sick garden of flesh. There are even some wonderful close up shots of the machine “playing” with this guy’s…nether regions. This video comes from the infamous Broken movie, which is disturbing in itself. It’s made like a snuff movie where the torturer makes his victim watch NIN videos until he’s ready to tear him apart. This list could’ve been filled with just the videos from that movie.

  1. Any Video by Tool

It’s hard to pick one of these videos, so they all made this list. Their videos are usually filled with grotesque imagery, weird clay figures harming themselves, or what appear to be aliens staggering around an abandoned house. All of their videos also have dark settings, which adds to the creepiness. Some of them are just downright disturbing to the point where you get goosebumps. The most notable ones are “Sober” and “Stinkfist.” At this point, I think their videos are more memorable than their songs.

  1. Tourniquet-Marilyn Manson

This is the one Manson video that used to freak me out when I was a kid. Now…it still kind of freaks me out. A lot of things happen in this clip: Manson wears bloomers and shaves his legs, there is a horse at the end for some reason, the other band members are kept in a cage for Manson’s viewing, and there is more of that stop motion/speeding up dynamic that makes anything creepy. But what’s really scary about this video is the girl/creature rolling around on wheels with big black soulless eyes staring at you. She still creeps me out now. It’s like Manson decided to give you front row seats to one of his nightmares.

  1. Thriller-Michael Jackson

The only reason this isn’t number one is because it lacks in the creepiness area, but it is perfect for Halloween. This is a classic and it’s always a track heard around this time of year. You got the great video to accompany a great song. Sure, some of the effects in the video as dated (like the scene where whiskers comes out of Michael), but watch the beginning of the transformation scene and tell me Michael screaming “Go away!” doesn’t freak you out. Also, who wasn’t shocked to find out that Michael was a zombie the whole time when they first saw this video? This is the clip that proved to the world that zombies have rhythm. It may have been responsible for the zombie popularity we see today.

  1. Cryptorchid- Marilyn Manson

Remember when I said “Tourniquet” used to freak me out? Well, this video still freaks me out. And the thing that makes it so creepy is that you can barely make out what you’re looking at. There are times when you see Manson, but most of the time you can’t tell what you just saw, which allows your imagination to come up with the most terrible things it can think of to accompany this video. The ambiance of the song just adds to the horror. The video is comprised of clips from E. Elias Merhige ‘s film Begotten, which is apparently one of the most disturbing films to watch.

  1. Obscure- Dir En Grey

This is probably Dir En Grey’s most well known video because it’s so messed up. Where as with the previous video, what made it creepy was that you could barely make out what you were looking at, in this one you can see everything whether you want to or not. Most of it is only on the screen for about a second, but it’s enough to give you nightmares. All of the following are found in this clip: Geisha eating a baby head, a guy eating his own heart, a disembodied woman, a limbless woman wiggling around, women getting familiar with a baby faced dildo, puking, blood puke, and a guy putting a sword through his head managing to look smug about it in the process. This is the one video that will definitely give you nightmares. It’s weird and gross and at times you want to look away, but you don’t because you want to see where the band is going next. This video proves one thing: Japanese metal bands make the most bizarre videos.

Is there a creepy video that I missed? Have any of these given you nightmares? Let me know in the comments!


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