The Truth About Love- Pink

Release Year: 2012

Rating: 8.5/10

I love Pink because she’s the outcast of the music scene. She does and says whatever the fuck she wants and it’s no different on her sixth album. The album which is all about the trials and tribulations of love, is full of catchy songs to make you sing along with her angst, along with songs that will make you crawl under the cover and cry for days. It’s classic Pink all the way, but it also shows how she’s grown as a singer.

The album begins with the energetic and crowd pleasing track “Are We All We Are.” The song catches your attention with the infectious “Ooooh’s” that Pink sings out and it doesn’t hurt that the format of the song is reminiscent of a cheer for a cheer leading squad. With it’s message of not taking other people’s shit, it’s the type of song that can cause a rally within a large crowd. Right from the start the singer doesn’t shy away from her abrasive attitude with lyrics like “We are the people that you’ll never get the best of/Not forget the rest of, rest of/We’ve got our fill, we’ve had enough, we’ve had it up here.” With a song like this, you know the album can only get better from here.

Next is her tongue in check single “Blow Me (One Last Kiss).” Again, Pink shows off her sharp wit and bratty attitude with this send off song. I must admit, it’s a really clever way to say fuck off to a lover. Also, the song is pretty relatable when she sings “I’ve had a shit day/You had a shit day/We’ve had a shit day.” Who hasn’t had one of those days and just wanted to scream it at the top of their lungs? Just like with the best of her songs, this one is catchy and the perfect break up anthem.

Really, all the songs here are awesome. Even the one’s that are just okay are at least catchy enough to make you put up with them. One of my favorites is “True Love,” which finds the singer stating how her lover is “an asshole” and how she wants to wrap her hands around his neck, but in the end she loves him, so it must be “true love.” It’s such a great song because it’s so true to life. I’m sure there are times when people in relationships just can’t stand their mate, but in the end they know they’re still in love with them. “Here Comes the Weekend” is the ultimate party song, with its boombastic beat and fun, don’t give a damn vibe. The song also features everyone’s favorite rapper Eminem. And while this may not be his best rhyme, it’s still entertaining as hell.

Though most of the songs are fun and catchy, there are times when Pink gets down right serious. The first heartbreaking song is “Beam Me Up.” You can tell it’s going to make you cry just by the acoustic guitar playing and when the violin comes in, it gets even worse. It talks about loss and wanting to be with someone who has passed on for just one more day. If you listen to this song long enough while reading the lyrics, you are guaranteed to cry. Another tearjerker is the closing track “The Great Escape.” Apparently, this song is about two of Pink’s friends who committed suicide, so you know it’s depressing as hell. It’s a really slow song with vocals that have a hint of pain. But Pink’s voice is amazing here. She sounds strong and can hold her notes really well. There are other examples of how she has improved as a singer, but this song shows it off best.

There are a few songs that just don’t make the cut. One of these is “Just Give Me a Reason.” It starts off pretty nice, with the intimate feeling of only Pink and a piano. Even when the chorus comes on it’s still good, especially because her vocals sounds great here. But what ruins the song for me is Nate Ruess from the band fun. He is not a good singer and he just sounds really weird on this song. The track would’ve fared better without him. Another song that’s odd is “Slut Like You.” The way she sings unfortunately sounds like Katy Perry. Even the music reminds me of one of Perry’s songs. But the biggest problem with the track is that it’s all over the place. It’s pretty fun for the most part, but then Pink does this weird rap during the bridge and then right afterward, the mood changes and everything slows down. It’s like she couldn’t pick one sound and decided to put them all in one song. Also, I don’t know how I feel singing “I’m a slut like you” at the top of my lungs.

If you couldn’t tell from the album title, the running theme here is the ugly side of love: all the lies, fights, and affairs that come with the territory. “Where Did the Beat Go?” talks about what happens when one person cheats in a relationship, while “Walk of Shame” is a funny song about going home with someone and having to leave their place the next morning in the same clothes from the night before. “Try” a mellow track from the album, talks about picking yourself up after a nasty break up and basically moving on. Pink’s unique, brutal, and honest views on love and relationships make for some funny, depressing, and entertaining songs.

Overall, the album gets 8.5/10. With catchy tunes, lyrics full of attitude, and songs that will make you laugh and cry, Pink has another hit on her hands. Though there are some questionable numbers found here, the tracks are fantastic none the less. What’s refreshing about the album, it that Pink refuses to give in to the musical trends of today, unlike other artists in the pop world who cave in to stay relevant. The singer stays true to herself and I’m sure her fanbase will love her even more for it.



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