12 Best Regular Show Music Moments

If you haven’t been watching the Regular Show, then you’ve been missing out. This is the only good show on Cartoon Network that’s not associated with Adult Swim. It’s funny, random at times, has clever writing, and is definitely not for kids (even though it tries to promote otherwise). But along with great humor, there is also great music. The creators of this show obviously love music from the awesome tunes they use to the spontaneous original music moments. Here are 12 of the best music moments from The Regular Show.

  1. “Lies”- The Thompson Twins

When you watch this show one thing you’ll learn is that the creators love 80’s music, whether they’re using actual tunes from the era or creating their own 80’s nostalgia. This 80’s gem is used in the episode “Grilled Cheese Deluxe” and it fits the situation perfectly. Mordecai and Rigby are lying that they’re astronauts to get in good with them. There’s even one point where the show begins to mock the video with the guys’ heads free floating and spinning around. It may not be the greatest 80’s song out there, but it feels at home here.

  1. “Nothing But A Good Time”- Poison

This Poison hit was featured in the episode “My Mom,” which finds the guys hanging out with Muscle Man. This was one of the first Regular Show episodes I saw and I was shocked to hear this song come on because I never heard the song used in a cartoon and especially because young kids wouldn’t know it. But either way, it’s another great song that fits the fun, party mood of the episode. I’m sure after it premiered everyone downloaded the track, which gave Poison a boost for  a day.

  1. “Best Around” – Joe Esposito

Usually when a show or movie features a montage of a protagonist overcoming defeat or in training, the songs of choice are either the Rocky theme or “Eye of the Tiger.” Regular Show went with the less obvious theme from The Karate Kid and really it’s a breath of fresh air. They turned a stale, corny montage into something hilarious and interesting, not only with clips of Rigby hurting himself but with a classic song from the 80’s. Again, the creators really have a knack for choosing songs that are made for these moments.

  1. “Hangin’ Tough”- New Kids On the Block

This is one of my favorite moments because I really love this song for the sheer fact that NKOTB are anything but tough. They proved that in the music video for the single, which has Jordan Knight bragging about how tough he is while wearing a smiley face shirt. But just like with the Poison entry, hearing this song was a pleasant surprise, especially since no one has listened to the song since the early 90’s. Paired with the montage of Mordecai and Rigby playing their own version of Excitebike, it’s a musical match made in heaven.

  1. “Mississippi Queen”- Mountain

“Weekend At Benson’s” is pretty much an homage to Weekend at Bernie’s. Benson gets knocked unconscious, so the guys put sunglasses on him and actually convince people that he’s fine. Along the way, the head to a party where a guy name Chuck challenges Benson to spicy food eating contest and serves him his special Mississippi Queen cocktail. Of course, Mordecai and Rigby chug the drink too and that’s when things get weird. The Southern rock song by Mountain plays while images of dancing chili peppers and other hallucinogenic images float by. I’m pretty sure they named the drink after the song just to have an excuse to use it, but can you blame them? It’s a kick ass song!

  1. “Party Tonight”- Mordecai and the Rigbys

In this episode, Mordecai and Rigby long to have their own band and with the help of their future selves, their wish comes true along with this hit song, “Party Tonight.” It’s absolutely perfect because it sounds like one of those new wave songs from the 80’s that would be performed by an English band like Duran Duran or WHAM! Even when using original music, they somehow capture the essence of the 80’s. It fits the era perfectly because while it’s kind of good, it’s also pretty bad like most of the songs from that time.

  1. “Rap it Up” featuring Taylor the Creator and Childish Gambino

In this episode, Pops somehow gets wrapped up with the wrong crowd and finds himself at a rap battle. At first, he runs away crying because of the insults thrown his way, but by the end, Mordecai and Rigby help Pops to become a rap master, even though he’s saying positive things in an Eighteenth century, Shakespearean manner. It’s just so damn funny to hear the differences in the music and the lyrics from both groups. It also proves that manners never get old. And the fact that it features actual rappers in the battle makes the situation more awesome.

  1. “The Power”

In this episode, the guys steal a magical keyboard from Wizard who decided to take a leak in the bushes. This keyboard dubbed The Power gives them magical abilities to make people do things for them or send baby ducks to the moon. But how they do it is in song form. Haven’t you always wanted to go up to your boss and say “Give us a raise, loser” and have it actually work? The best part has to be when they say “Don’t look at our crotches while we synchronize our watches!” It’s an awesome episode full of random song moments.

4. “Working for the Weekend”- Loverboy

This clip is so great due to Mordecai and Rigby’s gestures when the song comes on. I don’t know if it’s supposed to a reference to masturbation, but that’s what it appears to be. That matched with the fact that they’re hanging out with a coffee bean that supplies them coffee with its nipples and their faces are dead serious while doing it, makes for one of the greatest or weirdest clips in cartoon history. The only hit song for the headbanned Loverboy only adds to the awesomeness of this scene.

  1. “Karaoke Video”

This episode is on the list for two reasons: it starts with Rigby and Mordecai singing Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It,” but more importantly it ends with old-timey Pops singing “Footloose” in its entirety. Seriously. To hear Pop’s high voice sing “I gotta cut loose/footloose, kick off your Sunday shoes” while he’s punching someone in the face is just too good to be true. It’s the best part of the episode because it’s so unexpected. Why that song? Why Pops? The answer: it doesn’t matter because you love it. Point is they should have Pops sing more hits from the 80’s.

  1. Aw Snap vs. Summertime Loving

Without giving too much away, Rigby plays an annoying song (“Summertime Lovin”) that takes the physical form of a cassette with sunglasses. The only way to defeat it is to make another bad, annoying song. The song the gang comes up with is “Aw Snap:” “Aw snap, aw snap/we’re gonna have a macaroni party/then we’ll take a nap.” Both songs are equally ridiculous, bad, and stupid, but you’ll be singing them when it’s all said and done. You can even buy “Summertime Lovin’” for your iPod. That’s how awesomely bad it is. If you haven’t seen this episode, you really need to.

  1. Random Songs by Mordecai and Rigby




What makes these two friends so awesome is how they can come up with a song for any situation on the dot. They have a song for getting free cake, they have a song for humus, they have a song for donuts, they even have a song for scary movies. They only last about 5 seconds, but they’re fucking gold. You’ll be repeating it all day. You’ll make it your damn ringtone because it’s so good. In fact, their songs are so good they made their own ringtone. And there are just too many to choose from to pick just one. It makes you wish you and your best friend were so in sync with each other you could make up cool songs on the fly. Their mini songs are one of the reasons why this show is so awesome.


Did I miss your favorite Regular Show music moment? Which one of these songs do you annoy your friends with all day long? Let me know in the comments!



  1. Definitely not for kids? I don’t know about that. If anything, I think it’s perfect for kids. I know more than one kid that loves the show. In a way, it shows a certain respect for kids for once on Cartoon Network. It really sets the bar for cartoons and brings tv for kids to a whole new level. Just because it’s witty doesn’t it mean it’s not for kids.

    1. I’m not saying kids can’t watch it, but I think it’s targeted to an- older audience considering the numerous sexual innuendo that they always do and some of the references from the 80s that would just go over kid’s heads. Of course lots of kids watch it, it’s funny, but I think it’s more for a teen audience than kids who are 9-12 years old. And yes kid’s shows are definitely allowed to be witty; I wasn’t saying because it’s witty it’s not for kids.

  2. I’d like to know a song name from the “take the cake” episode. I’ve looked all over google and YouTube with no luck. The song plays towards the end of the episode just as the cake teleports and is falling from the sky

  3. Please answer ASAP, what was the music played when party pete was outside the house then mordecai and rigby opens the door then that HEAVY BASS DANCE music played.. what is it??

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