The 2012 MTV VMAS in a nutshell


One Direction won a bunch of stuff and it sucked otherwise.

Look, I used to love the VMAs. It was the one think I looked forward to all year long. It was the party of the year! It was unpredictable, wild, and the place where anything could happen. Anyone remember the Diana Ross and Lil’ Kim encounter? Or how about when Michael Jackson danced with Nsync? It’s moments like this that separated the VMAs from all the other award shows of the year. For me the best VMA year was 1999 (but I was also in love with Nsync at that time). But somewhere along the line they’ve become safe and predictable. It was so bad that I didn’t even watch it last year. But since Green Day and Pink were scheduled to perform, I thought maybe it would be better this year. I was obviously high because One Direction exists this year and of course they were plastered all over the event.

Pink was amazing. Not only did she look hot, but she rocked out. Her performance was so energetic and fun I really wish that they got her to open up the show instead of Rihanna. Green Day was great too. Not only did they perform a new song, “Let Yourself Go,” but they also has the crowd bum rush the stage. That was about all I enjoyed. One Direction was lame, the host Kevin Hart was lame, Taylor Swift….I’m not gonna say anything about that. Also, it was two hours long. Anyone who has watched the award show in the past knows that it always ran over that time frame because it was being too damn awesome! And what happened to the post show interviews?

When I step back and think about the night, I also realize that they cut the performances in half along with the categories aired live and the number of guest appearances. Why? There’s plenty of good music out there that deserve recognition, but I guess it just shows how out of touch MTV is with music. My point is, this year ceremony was not exciting. But maybe I’m just dated because I don’t listen to music that’s popular today.

What did you think of the award show? Let me know in the comments!


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