“Kill the DJ”- Green Day

 Release Year: 2012

Rating: 8.5/10

Just a month after Green Day gave us “Oh Love,” we now get another new song from their upcoming UNO! album, but this one is much more exciting than the previous single. It gets you moving, has a groove, and is a fun song in general. Of course it’s going to get a shit ton of negative comments because it’s not the classic punk rock Green Day everybody knows and loves, but this sound still works for them pretty damn well.

It starts out with a rockabilly guitar riff and Billie awkwardly singing “ooh-ooo.” I personally think this part is kind of weird. It just doesn’t seem to fit him and he sounds drunk when doing it, but it’s forgivable because he’s just having a good time. Then Billie launches into lyrics about a sleazy night in New York complete with pockets full of pills, blood, murder, and unholy thoughts. The good time vibe of the song, the groove it has, the music, and even the singing style all sound like the Foxboro Hot Tubs. This song sounds like something that could’ve been featured on that album. It’s interesting that the band decided to go with this sound for their new album, rather than saving the song for their side project.

When comparing this single with “Oh Love” this song is the superior of the two. It’s not that “Oh Love” was bad. It just doesn’t get the adrenaline going like this one does. Also, the song was on the slow side, which is unexpected for a first single. Also, the subject of this song is a bit easier to decipher than the previous single. There are times when “Kill the DJ” gets repetitive, mostly during the chorus since all that Billie says is “Someone kill the DJ,” but because it’s so catchy and haves you singing by the second verse, it’s not much of an issue.

I really love the bridge of the song after the mini solo. The mood goes from having a good time to something dark and suspicious. What gives it this feeling is how the guitar is palm muted and the heaviness of the drums. Also, the way Billie’s vocals overlap one another is a really cool effect and adds to the mood. It begins with Armstrong singing the chorus before the overlay comes on and sneakily says “Walking after dark.” The song then picks up and returns to the fun loving mood. It’s a small musical change, but it’s interesting how the song turns dark for a few seconds.

This is just a really fun song that makes you move and groove. I know when I heard it the first time, I absolutely fell in love with it. There was no listening to it five times to decide whether or not I liked it. And just like with their previous single, it doesn’t sound like the fast, punk rock stuff they’ve done in the past, which will piss off some fans of course. I think the song is good even though it doesn’t fit in with their past style. Also, the band doesn’t really abandon their previous sound at all. The attitude and punk vibe are still there, it just sounds different. They’re at least making music they’re still passionate about. And of course it’s catchy just like with all of the band’s songs.

Overall, the song gets 8.5/10. Even thought it doesn’t sound like the hard edge, fast stuff that they’re known for, it’s still a damn good song. It’s much better than the previous single they released because it gets you excited for the new album. The song is fun, energetic, and of course is catchy, which is a must for any Green Day song. It may not be one of the band’s best songs ever, but it’s still really good. Let’s hope the rest of the album is as good as this song or even better.


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