The Colour and The Shape- Foo Fighters

Release Year: 1997

Rating: 8/10

The Foo Fighter’s are a massive band that have managed to make themselves an act to be taken seriously. They have a number of great albums, but I decided to look at their second one. This record has some great songs that have been called their very best, but it also has some powerful tracks that’ll break your heart. It’s a heavy album dealing with love and heartbreak. There are many moments where Dave sounds so crushed you just want to give him a hug. It’s still great nonetheless.

The album starts off with the short and sweet “Doll.” It’s a slow song that kind of sounds like a tragic lullaby: the music is pretty and sweet, but the lyrics are somber. It also has this cool effect that sounds like Dave is singing through an old 50’s radio. It’s kind of odd for an album to start out with a slow song, but it’s still intriguing. If this track doesn’t get you into the album the next one definitely will.

“Monkey Wrench” is one of my favorite Foo Fighter songs ever. It’s in your face and wild with its speeding riff that bounces around. It’s super energetic with it’s punk rock vibe and the screaming vocals during the bridge are sure to get you pumped. It’s such a great song, but it has a sad subject. It seems to be about the disintegration of Grohl’s first marriage. This can be easily missed when you’re rocking out to this song. “Enough Space” is another in your face song with a killer bass line. It sounds like the bassist is playing underwater. This another song with great energy and even takes the loud/quiet/loud technique Nirvana was known for. The music really drives this chaotic song. It’s another one that’ll get you pumped up.

“Wind Up” has a harder sound than the other tracks since it has an aggressive, dirty guitar riff. Also, the intensity can be heard in Dave’s vocals. The melody here is also great. It’s something you can easily sing along to. According to Dave, the song is about the relationship between the musician and the journalist and when you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. Celebrities often get annoyed by journalists, but the last thing they want to do is get angry in front of them. “Up in Arms” is a sweet, typical love song that’s starts out very soft and mellow with an acoustic guitar taking over. It then speeds up unexpectedly and turns into a punk rock type song. It’s kind of cool because it seems like the tempos can be different takes on the song: a bittersweet one during the soft part and a happy one during the fast part.

Along with songs that will get you hopping around the room, there are quite a few slow songs that are very emotional. Of course there’s the infamous “My Hero” which is NOT about Kurt Cobain. Rather, it’s about ordinary people that one may look up to, people who inspire you everyday. “Walking After You” is probably the most depressing song on the album. The music itself sounds very dreamy with the acoustic guitar, but the lyrics are so sad. It’s basically about being dumped and not wanting to lose that person. What makes the song more depressing are Grohl’s vocals. He sounds so heartbroken on this track. The way he sings lets you know that he’s actually been through this situation before.

As mentioned before the album is pretty heavy. It deals with themes of failing relationships, love, loss, and heartbreak. And you can hear these emotions in every aspect of the songs from the music to the vocals. The popular “Everlong” is about meeting that someone that you connect with so perfectly. Though the subject isn’t as sad as the other songs, Grohl still sounds bittersweet as if he’s asking for something he can’t have anymore. Though many of the songs are downers, the album ends on a positive note with “New Way Home.” The music itself is pretty upbeat and basically has the message that even though life has it’s bad moments, you’ll make it through and you have to focus on moving ahead. I love how it gets quiet in the middle, making you think the song is over, but then it slowly builds back up and explodes into noise.

Overall, the album gets 8/10. It’s a heavy album filled with energetic, aggressive songs to get you through a boring day and slow, somber songs that explore feelings of heartache. The band’s passion is heard through the music, lyrics and the vocals themselves. Though it does have some pretty depressing themes, it’s not an album that will make you sad. Rather, it makes you fall in love with the Foos all over again.



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