The Poison Deluxe Edition- Bullet for My Valentine

Release Year: 2005

Rating: 8/10

I’ve already reviewed this kick ass album before, but I recently got my hands on the deluxe edition of BFMV’s debut record. While there are no bonus songs, which is kind of disappointing, there is a DVD that contains live footage and all the videos for the singles from this album. It may not seem that enticing if you already own any of the band’s concert DVDs, but if you don’t have any of them or just want to see more of the band this disc is pretty awesome. This review will focus on the DVD that comes with this edition. You can read my thoughts on the album itself here.

The first part of the disc contains five live performances from both the Quattro club in Japan and the Brixton in London. Granted, the ones at the Brixton are much better mostly because they’re professionally shot, but the ones from the club are good too. The club performances start out shakey with a lackluster performance of “Four Words to Choke Upon.” The music sounds awesome, but the vocals aren’t so great. Matt sounds tired and lacks passion, even in his screams. It makes you weary that the other songs follow the same route, but if you hang in there the performances get much better.

The last two songs from the club set are “Suffocating Under Words of Sorrow” and “Cries in Vain” and they’re full of the energy and wildness we expect from the band. Everything sounds great on both of the songs. The vocals are on point, but don’t sound so perfect that it matches the record and the music is awesome. What’s annoying about the club set though is the footage is kind of shoddy. It’s definitely not the shakey camera footage from fans that plague Youtube, but it’s not the best. There are only two angles, up close and far away. It’s not the biggest issue, but it’s kind of annoying. Also, during some songs where Matt tries to get the audience to participate, you can barely hear them. It’s just weird to have the song suddenly stop and hear nothing but silence.

The last two performances from the Brixton are by far the best. The band plays “All These Things I Hate” and “Her Voice Resides.” There’s so much energy and passion from both the crowd and the band. These songs are featured on the concert DVD Live at the Brixton and they’ll make you run out to buy it! The rest of the disc are just the music videos for the released singles. It’s nothing special, but it is nice to have them all together. The only issue I came across is during the “Tears Don’t Fall” video. During the bridge, which has harsh, screaming vocals, they are changed to melodic singing. It doesn’t sound bad, it just catches you off guard. I don’t know why they are changed for this video, especially since any other time you see the video it has the normal vocals in tact. It’s baffling and does take away the song’s edge a bit.

Overall, the DVD gets 8/10. It has some great performances that shows off the band in their live element. It’s great for anyone who hasn’t had the chance to seem them live or for anyone who wants to see them again. Aside from one performance the rest of them are awesome. Plus, it’s great to have all the videos from this album in one place, especially since the band hasn’t released a video collection. If you have some extra money or find it somewhere cheap pick it up. It has some nice extras and is great for your music collection.


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