“Oh Love”- Green Day

Release Year: 2012

Rating: 8/10

Yesterday, Green Day made all the little boys and girls cry with glee when they released the first single “Oh Love” from their upcoming album UNO! which is part of the trilogy UNO! DOS! TRE! As with any artist who releases new material, the reaction has been mixed with some fans absolutely loving it and others citing it as a bit slow. Yes, the sound is different, but the band still manage to pull off another catchy song that will get people pumped for their new album.

The song starts off with a palm muted riff, which is actually really cool, especially when Billie comes in and starts singing. It’s a bit misleading because while you’re listening to this part you think the music is building up and is going to explode when Billie hits the last line of the verse. And….it never really does. Sure, the music swells because the drums and bass come in, but it’s not an explosion of energy that we expect from the band at this point. It kind of catches you off guard and I think it’s because for all of the band’s albums the first singles for them have been loud, fast paced and super energetic. We don’t really get that from this song, so we have to get it used to it. Also, we seemed to expect a lot more from the band since they made us wait two years for new material.

Regardless of the lack of build up, the song is damn catchy showing that the boys still know how to create a tune that’ll get stuck in your head for days. The lyrics are simple enough, with Billie repeating “oh love” throughout the song, which means you’ll be singing along in no time. Seriously, I was singing along after the third time of hearing it. Even if you’re not feeling the song the first time you hear it, the singing is so infectious that you’ll be listening to it all the time. It’s definitely something that may have to grow on you since it’s not in your face like a lot of their other songs.

The song itself has this 60s classic rock sound thanks to the music and Billie’s singing. It kind of has an early Beatles vibe to it. It also sounds like they tossed in some of the sound from their other band Foxboro Hot Tubs. This is heard the most during the awesome guitar solo. It starts out by coping the melody of the song before trailing off into an unchained solo. The song in general actually reminds me of the material found on Warning. Since it is slower paced and isn’t as wild as their other songs, it seems like it would fit in perfectly with that album.

There has been some debate among fans about the lyrics. Most believe they don’t make sense and are not Green Day’s finest writing. While the latter may be true fans could be feeling this way because they’ve been writing politically charged songs for their last two albums. Personally, I don’t these are the most sentimental lyrics they’ve ever written, but it doesn’t take away from the song at all. The song itself seems to deal with a person who’s had their heartbroken and is trying they’re best not to fall in love again for fear that they’ll be hurt yet again. It may be simple, but it works.

Overall, the song gets 8/10. It’s definitely not one of Green Day’s greatest songs. I don’t even think it’s the best song off the new album, but it’s not bad by any means. It’s still catchy as hell like some of their best tunes and the music is awesome. It may be on the slower side of things, but it’s something that will grow on you. If anything, it gets fans excited for the new album, at least hear what other interesting sounds Green Day have cooked up for us this year.



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