Michael Jackson 1958-2009

It’s been three years since we lost the King of Pop in 2009. Maybe his death isn’t a huge deal now because the fair-weather fans are gone and most people have gotten over it at this point. But it still shocks a lot of people to sit down and realize Michael isn’t with us anymore. Yes, there were some weird elements of his life that we don’t know about and there were horrible allegations made against him that are untrue. But on this day we need to remember Michael in his glory. We need to remember him for his wonderful music and magical videos, that managed to effect people’s lives so deeply. People focus way too much about the controversy and the plastic surgery. They forget what a wonderful person he was. How he wanted nothing, but peace in the world and always helped out those in need. He had so much love even for those who did him wrong. But let’s not focus on the bad memories. Let’s remember the music and the happiness he has brought to our lives because that’s what really important. The music is all we have left.

I have loved Michael Jackson since I was a kid. His music made me laugh, dance and smile. I know it did the same for a lot of people. Michael, fans still love and miss you. Share your best MJ memories below and look out for more Jackson related articles later in the week.

We miss you Michael, RIP


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