Interesting Michael Jackson Facts and Pictures

Next week is the death anniversary of the King of Pop. It’s been four years since we’ve lost Michael. To honor his memory and to remind people why he was such a great musician here’s some facts and pictures. There will be more MJ goodness next week for his remembrance, but this article is meant to put you in a Jackson mood.

Note: The first interesting facts article on Nirvana seemed to do so well that this type of article will now become a regular thing. So look out for more interesting facts and pictures on various bands and artists in the future!

Michael’s pet boa constrictor was named Muscles

Michael Jackson by Jonathan Exley for Self Assignment

The song “Bad” was supposed to be a duet between Michael and Prince, but Prince said it would be a hit without him

Michael would often wear a cast to represent the suffering children in the world

Michael Jackson’s favorite toy was the Supersoaker

Jackson provided to vocals to Rockwell’s single “Watching Me,” which is the only reason we can tolerate the song

Jackson’s appearance on the Simpsons is confusing. He provided the voice for the character, but for the singing parts he hired an impersonator to trick his family and friends. His name isn’t even featured on the credits.

But he did write the “Happy Birthday Lisa” song

The “Smooth Criminal” video is entirely based on a scene in the Fred Astaire movie Band Wagon

Michael was unhappy after his Motown 25 performance because he didn’t stay on his toes as long as he wanted to. He was finally convinced he did well when a kid backstage told him so.

Macauley Culkin is the godfather for two of Michael’s children

The Jacksons’ song “Heartbreak Hotel” was later changed to “This Place Hotel” because the record company felt people would confuse it with the Elvis song


Jackson had a cameo in the film Men in Black 2

After seeing Captain EO, Janet Jackson asked Michael to use the military dancing for her video “Rhythm Nation.” He wanted to use the style for one of his videos (Bad, I think) but he eventually gave in

Michael, you’ll always be missed



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