Top 10 Unnecessary Music Releases

We all know there are things record companies and artists do to stay relevant and in most cases rake in more cash. Sometimes it’s a new greatest hits album or live album to keep fans patient as they work on new material. Other times, it’s remasters of some of their greatest albums to give listeners a chance to hear rare materiel. Most of the time, the releases are crap and are out to make us spend money on the same damn material again. Here’s a list of the ten worst offenders.

  1. American Idiot Cast Version

I understand why this exists, which is why it’s so low on the list. Broadways have their own soundtracks, I get that, but who would actually want to listen to a bunch a mediocre singers belt out Green Day songs when you can just listen to the original album? Has anyone actually purchased this? Maybe moms who saw the Broadway and felt this was a nicer way to experience Green Day. It makes no sense. I guess I’ll just skip this one.

  1. Guns, God, Government Live in LA Blu-ray

This is another release which sort of makes sense. The DVD was first released in 2001, but the footage was compiled from several different concerts, rather than being one concert like the this one. It’s pointless because this is how the original DVD should have been anyway. What’s worse is that it’s on blu-ray only. Not only do Manson fans have to purchase this DVD again, they also have to buy a blu-ray player if they don’t own one already. Luckily, you can watch the whole concert on youtube.

  1. Ghosts I-IV

It’s understandable when an artist wants to take a different direction with their music, but sometimes it just doesn’t work, especially if the experimental album runs on for too long. This is the story with this NIN release. To be fair, it’s actually pretty good, but it’s a bit difficult to sit through a bunch of instrumental tracks with no vocals to break up the monotony. Instead of working so hard on this, Trent Reznor should have focused more on The Slip. Maybe it wouldn’t have been so bad if it wasn’t released under the NIN moniker.


Not only does this remix album have a stupid name, the remixes themselves are pretty awful. I get that with a remix you want a beloved song to have a different feel to it, but you also want to be able to recognize what song is being remixed. That doesn’t happen with this album. There are rarely any traces of the original tracks anywhere on this album. Maybe that wouldn’t be a problem if the album was you know…good. Also, it doesn’t help that the band seemed to do this out of the blue in order to boost record sales, especially since they have never ventured in remixing before and after this they probably won’t again.

  1. Remix and Repent

Some people are good at remix albums i.e. Rob Zombie. Others need to stick with what they know best i.e. Marilyn Manson. This one has the same problem as the HIM one does: the remixes just aren’t that good. There are only four tracks that were found on the singles, but none of them are any good. Technically, there are only two remixes to be found here with the other two tracks being live versions. The band has never released another remix album and hopefully they won’t.

  1. Pretty Hate Machine Re-release

It seems that re-releases have been big the for the past few years. It gives the artist a chance to release material while working on new stuff or just to prove to fans they are still alive. Now, the artists are usually aware of how much it sucks to buy an album twice, which is why they include bonus material like demos, b-sides or live tracks. But you will find none of that on the PHM re-release. The only thing it includes is a b-side from the “Sin” single. No demos, no live tracks. Nothing. This is pretty useless for those who already own the album, but maybe new NIN fans will enjoy it.

  1. Nirvana Icon

This is the band’s second greatest hits album, but the only problem is this tracklisting is almost exactly the same as their 2002 greatest hits album Nirvana. Now maybe this would be good for new fans or collectors (if it’s in the 5 dollar bin), but paying full price for the same album? No thanks. But to be fair, the band is not totally to blame. Icon is a new series from their record label and they’re always looking for a new excuse to milk more money out of the fans.

  1. Queen greatest hits albums

12 greatest hits albums. 12! Why does one band need so many greatest hits albums? One or two, sure. Maybe even three. But what is the point of having as many compilation albums as studio albums? They have so many of these albums just about every song they have released is found here. Let’s hope they stop making them. Everyone knows how great Queen is. We don’t need to be reminded how awesome they are every fucking year.

  1. Hellbilly Deluxe 2 re-release

Rob Zombie’s big return to music dropped in February 2010. The movie world was saved for a short time. But somewhere down the line, Zombie decided he didn’t do enough with the album and that he really wanted to record with a different drummer. Rather than keeping this in mind for the next album, Rob decided to fix it in the same year. Seven months later, we get the re-release of Hellbilly Deluxe 2 now featuring Joey Jordison and three new songs. Couldn’t he at least wait until the next year? Or at least give us a bonus DVD for making us buy it again.

  1. This is It CD and every other CD released after MJ’s death

Most of the releases after Jackson’s death were cashing in on MJ’s new found popularity among…well everyone. And just about all of them were unnecessary (with the exception of the post-humorous release Michael). They all recycled songs fans already owned and repackaged them with new artwork. Or they put together remixes no one cared about and slapped MJ’s name on the cover. The This Is It CD is probably the worst offender. You would think it’s MJ singing the songs from the movie live, but it’s not. It’s just the same songs from the movie that everyone owns plus three “new” songs. What a way to milk grieving fans.

Is there another album that’s just taking up space and deserves to be on this lists? Or do you really love one of these albums and think I need to listen to them again? Let me know in the comments!


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