Stop Drop and Roll!!!- Foxboro Hot Tubs

Release Year: 2008

Rating: 8/10

Foxboro Hot Tubs are the side project of Green Day. When listening to this album, you have to forget that thought. This is nothing like the Green Day we know and love. The only similarity between the two bands is Billie Joe Armstrong’s unmistakable vocals. Otherwise, the sound and style of the music is completely different. This album is inspired by psychedelic and rockabilly music of the 60s and 70s. The sound and the party feel of the songs makes this a really fun and rockin’ album.

While the album is nothing that’s going to make music history or leave you really impressed, it’s at least a fun record. All the songs are great and are perfect if you’re in a partying mood. And just as with Green Day, these songs are catchy as hell. You’ll be singing along with the album just after one listen. “Ruby Room” has an undeniable groove to get you shaking. It has a psychedelic 70’s feel thanks to the wild keyboard riff playing throughout the song. Just the tone of the song makes you feel like you’re in a sleazy lounge.

Another great, catchy track is “Alligator.” This is a fun song that actually seems like the type of tune you would find on kid shows. Maybe this thought comes to mind due to the fact that “alligator” is constantly repeated throughout the song. The popular “Mother Mary” actually has a riff similar to Jet’s “Are You Gonna be My Girl?” Nevertheless, it’s a sweet love song that gets even better with Billie Joe’s sincere and soft vocals.

This has to be the ultimate party record since the songs mainly deal with topics of partying, drinking, recklessness, and rambunctious women. A lot of the songs have references to drinking just a little too much wine or barhopping on a Friday night. Most of the people in these songs are just getting wasted without a care in the world. But what’s interesting is the dynamic featured here. While most of the songs are upbeat, fun and celebrate drinking and being wild, some songs present the consequences of a wild night.

The music here is usually upbeat, but there are some songs that deal with dark topics. “Darkside of Night” has a suspicious flute playing that makes it feel like you’re stalking around in the jungle. The music is actually kind of relaxing, but the lyrics tell another story. Here, Billie sings about a killer being on the loose “under a liar’s moon.” As the song goes on, the mood gets creepier and creepier. Another dark song is “27th Ave. Shuffle.” Again, this is another song that feels right for the party mood, but when you look at the lyrics you see that there’s a dark story going on. It seems to be about a junkie who is questioning the party lifestyle and contemplates suicide. It’s interesting how the album seems to present both sides of a wild life.

We are used to hearing fast and loud music from the members of the band, but here the music has more of a vintage feeling. The music is inspired by the psychedelic era of the 60’s and 70’s. Just listen to the drunk, mellow guitar riff of “Red Tide,” which sounds like a surfing song from the 60’s. While most of the songs stem from this genre, other songs like “Stop, Drop and Roll” sound more like rockabilly. Some of the songs sound like straight up, classic rock roll. There seems to be only a hint of punk rock on the track “The Pedestrian.” It sort of sounds like a British rock song, something similar to The Clash, which makes sense since it’s one of Billie’s favorite bands. Anyone who longs for the early days of rock and roll will appreciate the music here.

Overall, the album gets 8/10. While it’s not anything groundbreaking or excellent, the album is fun and the songs are great. Just because this band features the members of Green Day doesn’t mean it’s basically Green Day 2.0. This is a completely different band with a different sound and attitude to their music. If you’re expecting to find classic, Green Day punk rock, then you’ll be disappointed. If you like psychedelic mixed with rockabilly with songs about partying hard, then this is the album for you.



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