Frankenstein Girls Will Strangely Seem Sexy- Mindless Self Indulgence

Release Year: 2000

Rating: 9/10

Things haven’t change much for MSI between this album and their debut, Tight. They’re still in your face, aggressive, and still tackle issues considered taboo. Though the sound hasn’t really changed here all the songs are still great. They’re still wild and insane as their previous ones and they will still get you pumped up. Though MSI sticks with what they know best, it manages to get them over that sophomore album hump.

As I already mentioned, the songs haven’t really changed much since their first album besides the fact that there are more of them here. This album has a total of 30 tracks, but since the songs are usually 2 minutes or less in length, the album never drags on. It actually clocks in at 55 minutes. Besides this, the band’s bratty, don’t-give-a-shit attitude fills every song. And the subjects of the songs are still out of this world: “Seven-Eleven” is about girls who stay up all night at 7-11, “I Hate Jimmy Page” strings together a bunch of odd images and lyrics, with the line “I hate Jimmy Page” popping up occasionally, and “Clarissa” takes a stab at the 90’s show Clarissa Explains it All.

The one thing that is different on this album is that there seems to be more of a theme on this record. There are several songs that address issues of fame and criticism of the band. The opening track “Backmask” addresses the phenomenon records having secret messages when played backwards. The band constantly repeats “Kill yourself/motherfucker go kill yourself,” as a way to take a stab at people who believe music makes them commit suicide. “Keepin’ Up With All of the Kids” seems to take on irrelevant bands who try too hard to keep up with the new generation when they should just give up and “Kill the Rock” pokes fun at MSI. It seems to be a commentary about what critics have said about the band: “I’m so hot to trot, I’m stealing all my beats from the blacks/and from all of the young girls is where I steal my act.”

They also take on all the gay bashing the band and frontman Jimmy Urine have received during their live shows. There’s even one track “M” which is a message from the band’s answering machine which has a caller gay bashing the band. Urine tackles this issue again in “Faggot” where he seems to admit his homosexuality. Despite the title, this song doesn’t have any harmful language regarding gay people. Rather Urine is making fun of himself. This topic is brought up again in the song “I Hate Jimmy Page.” The song opens with the line “I’m just another little faggot…” The fact that they address these issues shows that they really don’t care what people say about their band nor do they care about being played on the radio.

The music is awesome as always. Just as with their first album, it’s aggressive, insane, chaotic, and wild. It mixes so many different elements and music styles you can never know what you’re hearing. “Golden I” has an old school hip-hop feeling that still manages to throw in electric guitars pulled from punk rock. The band seems to use electronic music more on this album. Songs like “Masturbates,” “Last Time I Tried to Rock Your World,” and “Boomin” all have electronic/8-bit video game inspired music providing the beats. Though it was featured on their first album, it seems to be used to an extent here. No matter what MSI is doing with their music, one thing is for sure it will get you moving.

What’s interesting about the album is how the songs are listed in alphabetical order. Here MSI takes you through their insane version of the ABC’s. For some letters that have no song, there are interludes instead. These interludes have all the attitude and humor of the band, but they are just strange. “Z” is mainly silence until a distorted, possessed voice says “Stars Wars and Jaws,” while “F” seems to address the gay bashing the band has received even more. I would suggest skipping over them. But at least they’re short enough to ignore them. The album doesn’t suffer without them and they don’t add anything to it either.

Overall, the album gets 9/10. Even though their sound hasn’t changed from their first album, the songs are still kick ass. They still talk about weird, insane, taboo issues, the music will get you pumped and will make you start a riot while singing “Dicks are for my friends.” It’s interesting to see that this record has more of a theme focusing on fame and the band poking fun at themselves. This shows that the band doesn’t let any criticism stand in their way of telling people to fuck off.



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