Top 10 Inappropriate Songs on Kidz Bop

We have all been suffering with the existence of Kidz Bop for about ten years and while most of the songs seem pretty harmless there are a few that have popped up on these albums that have been questionable. Whether it’s the lyrical content of the song or the message it’s trying to get across these songs just aren’t fit for kids to sing along to while bouncing around the living room while gulping pixie sticks.

10. Mickey- Toni Basil

Now this song is not very explicit, if anything it’s just really annoying. But there is a point in the song where things turn very strange. Basil makes an offering to Mickey that I would not want kids singing around the house:

Now when you take me by the hooves/Who’s ever gonna know/And every time you move I let a little more show/There’s something you can use Wo don’t say no, Mickey
So come on and give it to me anyway you can/Anyway you want to do it I’ll take it like a man/
Oh, please baby, please Don’t leave me in the damn, Mickey


She’ll take it like a man? If she wants to do that for a guy that’s her business, but as for kids singing this? I don’t think so. Also, do you think it’s really okay for kids to sing about some lady who seems to be obsessed about this guy? And the fact that kids may think she’s talking about Mickey Mouse just makes the song worse.

  1. Disturbia- Rihanna

Again, this is another song that is not explicit at all. But I think this song deserves to be on the list due to what she is talking about: “It’s a thief in the night to come and grab you/It can creep up inside you and consume you/A disease of the mind, it can control you/It’s too close for comfort.” What is going on? Basically this is Rihanna’s attempt at being dark and disturbing, but it just doesn’t work. Still, I don’t kids should be listening to this song with the weird imagery that can be misconstrued as sexual. I mean whatever happened to them listening to “Hakuna Matata?”

  1. Single Ladies-Beyonce

This song isn’t too bad, but when she starts talking about her in the club, with a man on her hip with a drink in her hand it gets a little mature. Now, there’s nothing wrong with a lady wanting to enjoy the single life by going to club, getting some drinks, and dancing with anyone she wants, but I don’t think it’s suitable for kids. Also, do you really want your eleven year old singing “If you liked it then you should’ve put a ring on it?” Shouldn’t they be thinking about toys instead getting a ring from some guy? I guess some people think it’s cute, but I’m not too sure about it.

  1. Party Like a Rockstar- Shop Boyz

I understand that Kidz Bop goes in and makes the song “kid friendly” by taking out all the dirty words and references, but the two verses that they excluded from their version of this song makes the song inappropriate to put on the record (even though the kids have never heard it): “You know them hoes be at my show Worried bout where my chain go/I uh rubba in ma pants But these hoes won’t let my thang go Cuz you know them hoes be tryin us/Hoe don’t you know I fuck wit fine diamonds
That look like Pa-me-la They fine and they hot bra…”

What exactly is the “thang” that the “hoes” won’t let go of? I don’t wanna know, but I have an idea of what it is and it’s something kids shouldn’t grab either.

  1. Invisible-Clay Aiken

This seems like an innocent sweet song about a girl that Clay is interested in (how…believable). But have you ever listened to the chorus? “If I was invisible, I would just watch you in your room.” Am I the only one that thinks this is really creepy? Really, really creepy? Basically, Aiken is admitting to being a peeping tom! I don’t think I would want a little kid singing this it might give them bad ideas.

5. Paparazzi-Lady Gaga

This is another song that is not explicit. In fact, there is nothing wrong with the song. It actually sends out a good message about fame and the so-called glamorous life. But I don’t think the kids that are listening to these songs understand what she is talking about. She is trying to say that fame is not glamorous or wonderful, but since she does not spell it out in her song, the kids may think she is actually saying that fame is awesome and something that they want to achieve. It just means the kids have no idea what she is actually talking about.

  1. Tik Tok- Kesha

Oh boy, another song about getting drunk in the club. Kidz Bop material obviously! But the part that really disturbs me when I think about little kids listening to this is when Kesha sings “I’m talking about everybody getting crunk, crunk/Boys tryin’ to touch my junk, junk/Gonna smack him if he getting too drunk.” It’s even worst if she is only going to slap him if he’s getting too drunk while he’s touching her junk. Not to mention the fact that she brushes her teeth with a bottle of Jack. Not very kid friendly at all.

  1. If I were a Boy-Beyonce

I really, really dislike this song and the reason Kidz Bop made a bad choice by putting this song on their album is not due to lyrical content, but the message this song sends. Just read a couple of the lyrics: “If I were a boy even just for a day I’d roll out of bed in the morning/And throw on what I wanted/And go drink beer with the guys…I’d put myself first/And make the rules as I go…” My question is why do you have to be a boy to do this? Can’t you be yourself and decide to make up your own rules or wear whatever you found on the floor? It’s as if Beyonce is saying if I were a man I could do all of these things, but I’m a girl so I have to worry about my looks. Not an appropriate message for young girls.

  1. Makes Me Wonder-Maroon 5

Must I really explain this? It’s Maroon 5! The guys you think are sweet enough to take to your grandma’s house until you find out Adam Levine’s trying to seduce her! I think these lyrics say it all: “I wake up with blood-shot eyes/Struggled to memorize/The way it felt between your thighs/Pleasure that made you cry.” Kids hopefully won’t understand what he’s talking about, but I’m pretty sure we don’t need a bunch of eight and nine years olds singing this around the school yard.

  1. This Love-Maroon 5

Yes, it’s our favorite trouble makers once again. This is a very, very sneaky song. It’s got a good rhythm, and beat and it’s so easy to sing along to. But it’s not until later that you realize you just sang “Keep her cumming every night.” The next thing you say after you realize this is “what is he talking about?” And the answer is simple: Sex. He’s singing about pleasuring his lady friend. Is there even a way to make this song “kid friendly?” With a line like “Stick in my fingertips” I think not. Way to go Kidz Bop. You really are the experts in kid friendly music.

Are there any other inappropriate songs from Kidz Bop that I forgot? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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