Closure- Nine Inch Nails

Release Year: 1997

Rating: 9/10

This double VHS set is a must have for any NIN fan. Not only does it feature footage from the Self Destruct tour, it also features tons of backstage footage and a separate tape just for all of NIN’s videos from 1989-1997. It manages to combine both onstage and off stage footage nicely so that the viewer never gets bored. It’s still a great video to this day.

The feeling and look of this set is raw. There is no big special production team there to make everything look nice and polished. It seems like the band taped the footage themselves, but were unsure of what they were going to use it for or even if they were going to release it at all. It’s really cool to see the band in this raw setting because it does its best to give you the experience of a NIN concert at home, but it does take a toll on some of the performances regarding sound quality, which it warns you about at the beginning of the video.

As mentioned before the sound quality of the performances is not so great at times because it’s filmed with regular camcorders. But somehow this doesn’t make you turn away from them. Just seeing the raw energy and aggression of the band on stage is enough to make keep you entertained. And it shows just how crazy the band were live. Instruments are being smashed, band members are being tossed around on stage, and fans are constantly moshing. Some of the songs featured live are “Terrible Lie,” “March of the Pigs,” “Wish,” and “Hurt.”

The backstage footage is just as entertaining as the performances. Not only do you get to see the band destroying Exit signs and showing off their battle scars, there’s also footage of conflict within the group. There’s one scene where Trent and the other members are discussing whether or not to cancel a show due to a band member injury. When you see the band in the footage you can tell they’re being brutally honest. It doesn’t feel like an act for the cameras; it just captures the band in their element. There are also several guest stars featured in the footage. Some notable musicians who show up are Marilyn Manson and David Bowie.

The second tape nicely packages all of NIN videos up until ’97. They are presented in chronological order and have cool, creepy footage acting as an interlude between videos. Here you’ll even find all the videos from the infamous Broken movie. Along with music videos, there are concert performances. Unlike the footage from the first tape, this footage has a more professional look and sound. The performances here are “Wish,” “Hurt,” and “Eraser.”

This set has not been officially released on DVD, but a prototype of the 2 disc DVD set appeared on bit torrent sites followed by a message from Reznor: “12/21/06: Happy Holidays! This one is a guilt-free download. (shhhh – I didn’t say that out loud). If you know what I’m talking about, cool.” It’s been speculated that the torrent was released by Reznor himself. This was further confirmed when Reznor alluded to the event in an interview stating: “A couple of years ago around this time of year, somebody must have broken into my personal files and uploaded onto a torrent site the entire DVD of Closure[…] So that basically means that it doesn’t need to come out on DVD anymore.”

So if you’re watching the DVD version of Closure, there are even more extras to enjoy. On the first “disc” there is additional footage from different concerts and interviews. There’s even footage from the first version of the “March of the Pigs” video and the unfinished “Hurt” video. The making of “Closer” and other videos are included as well. There is even a clip from their first live show. This rare footage is even better than the footage that was originally included in the set. Along with extra footage is a photo gallery featuring pictures of the band. The second “disc” is just the videos.

Overall, this set gets 9/10. It has a lot of great rare footage, especially if you downloaded the torrent, and it gives you a good idea of what the band was like live. Even though some of the footage is really poor, it’s still entertaining enough to keep your attention. If you want to find most of NIN’s videos, this is the set for you seeing as an official video collection has yet to be released. This is a must have for any NIN fan. You can still find copies of the tape (I have two) and you can still download the torrent. Out of all the NIN video releases I say this is the best. There is nothing else like it out there.

What’s your favorite part of this video? Do you own a copy yourself? Is it one of the best video albums of all time? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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