No Reflection- Marilyn Manson

Release date: March 2012

Rating: 8/10

I decided to look at Manson’s new song “No Reflection” since it was just released and we finally have a release date for his new album Born Villain (May 1). By just hearing this one song it’s hard to judge what the album is going to sound like or what to expect from it. But nonetheless the song still gives you something to look forward to.

The song starts out with an electrifying guitar solo provided by Twiggy. This dirty riff plays throughout the entire track and really gives it the in-your-face, fuck-the-world attitude the band is known for. The guitar playing is probably the best thing about the song, but oddly enough the music sounds like it’s from another song. If anyone else feels the same maybe they can help me figure out what song it sounds like

The song itself is pretty good. At first, it may not sound like any of his old material, but when you listen to the infectious groove of the chorus, it makes you think of the sound found on Mechanical Animals. Though it is a good song, it’s not the type of song that will instantly grab your attention, rather you have to let it grow on you. (I’ve only started to fall in love with it after about four listens). You know it’s a good song, but you’re not fully convinced yet. It also sounds like an element is missing from this song. It could be due to the fact that just about everyone (except Twiggy) has left the band, so whatever special element they added is now gone.

There are times when Manson seems like he’s trying to sound more clever then he really is. It’s not that he’s not a mastermind with words, there still is some great wordplay here, but it sounds as if he’s trying way too hard to be smart and funny, rather than letting it happen naturally. The writing is not Manson’s strongest, but there are still some interesting, clever lines found here, such as “I’m weak/seven days I’m weak.” It also sounds as if he’s tossing in references to razors and nooses to make him dangerous, like he’s trying to recapture his image from 1996.

Overall, I give the song 8/10. It’s not one of Manson’s best songs, but it’s still catchy and it shows promise. It has a good rhythm and a solid beat that’ll get you moving to the song and the guitar work is awesome enough to get you head banging. It still has some of the Manson attitude, but it doesn’t grab you and slap you in the face like his past singles. Still, it’s a good enough song to make you look forward to the upcoming album. Now let’s hope the rest of the album is as promising as the lead single.

What’s your impression of the song? Do you think this album will be Manson’s big comeback? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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