11 Awful Videos from Great Artists

It’s easy to point and laugh at bad videos from crappy artists (Rebecca Black, 98 Degrees, Limp Bizkit), but what about artists who actually make good music and usually have great music videos? I have compiled eleven bad videos from artists who usually have interesting videos. I don’t know what was going through their minds when they green lit these ideas, but hopefully, they won’t do it again.

11. Foxy, Foxy- Rob Zombie

This video may not be as bad as the others on this list, but when compared to Rob Zombie’s other videos this one is pretty bad. Unlike his other videos, which are exciting, cool looking, a tad bit creepy and even humorous at times, this one is just boring. Nothing but a bunch of horses, the band, and his uninteresting wife…who is in every fucking shot. Seriously man, tone it down. For a visual comparison watch the video for “Spookshow Baby.”

10. Get Together- Madonna

It’s not the cheesy 70’s effects that gets this video on this list. I get what Madonna was going for with that, but her freestyle solo dancing ruins the credibility of this video. It reminds me of Elaine from Seinfeld dancing minus the little kicks. You just feel embarrassed for her as she pulls out every cheesy dance move ever known. Stick with dancing in groups Madonna.

9. The Everlasting Gaze- Smashing Pumpkins

This was an awkward time for the band and it’s clear in this video. First off, Billy looks like some gothic priest while the other members look like rejects from Saturday Night Fever. The other thing that makes this video bad is the fact that Billy’s moon shaped head takes up every shot. You would think he would want to make his head look as small as possible, but he tosses it around which looks really strange somehow when there’s no hair on top. He tries to look really creepy and mysterious, but he ends up look like a cracked out uncle Fester.

8. Just Say Yes- The Cure

It’s bad enough that the song is bad, but this video is pretty awful too. Robert Smith seems like he’s unsure of how he got himself into this situation in the first place. He just looks so uncomfortable. Here he is doing his minimal dance moves and this chick is bouncing all around him like a rabbit on speed. In this video, you’ll find unflattering close-ups and that annoying blond girl bouncing around the band. I feel sorry for the rest of the members.

7. Tainted Love- Marilyn Manson

Manson is dressed in baggy jeans, a doo-rag, and throws up “gang signs” in this video. That should be enough reason to understand why this video is bad. The whole goth-thug thing just isn’t working and should NEVER be attempted by anyone because apparently we get this horrible video and cover as a result. What makes it even worse is that the song is for the Not Another Teen Movie soundtrack. Whoever told the antichrist superstar turn into some phony thug needs to shot and killed. We don’t need to see anything like this ever again.

6. We Made You- Eminem

This video would have been great, if Eminem wasn’t using the same tricks we’ve seen in the past (i.e. “The Real Slim Shady”, “Without Me”). So not only is he rehashing the same jokes and name dropping the popular celebrities at that time, but the graphics are also painfully bad. Sure, we laughed and commented on how clever Eminem was when he did it the first three times, now it’s just kind of sad. Also, for most of the video he’s standing on a Guitar Hero screen. Who plays Guitar Hero anymore?

5. Ava Adore- The Smashing Pumpkins

Again, we have the band doing their best to be menacing and scary and they end up looking cracked out of their minds. They were just trying too hard to be…something by the end of their career and this video shows it. I don’t even know what’s going on here. They just move from room to room trying to freak out the camera and maybe even scare each other.

4. Putting Holes in Happiness- Marilyn Manson

Not only is this video bad, it’s just sad as well. This clip is just Manson trying to prove how scary and shocking he still is by making faces that make him look as if he’s going to vomit and him rolling around in the dirt naked for whatever reason. I’m pretty sure it has something to do with whatever this song is about.

3. I Feel You- Depeche Mode

This is Dave Gahan’s best attempt to be sexy…and he fails. Instead of sexily seducing the camera he looks like he’s about to have a seizure or go through withdrawal from the heroin he was obviously taking during this shoot. I bet that’s why he wears those sunglasses for the entire video. He flails and wiggles around from room to room, tossing his hair back and forth as if he’s trying to prove to everyone he is the latest sex symbol. He should stick to dark and brooding instead.

2. Liberian Girl- Michael Jackson

GASP! How can the King of Pop have a bad video? Here’s how: not seeing Michael Jackson sing or dance for the entire video. We don’t even get to see his face until the end! The rest of video is filled with celebrities from the 80’s trying to be funny and who constantly keep asking “Where’s Michael” without realizing he’s filming them. No dancing. No special effects. No crazy story. Just boring celebrities, like Michael was trying to show the world how popular he was. Well, mission accomplished…I guess.

1. American Life- Madonna

This is definitely Madonna’s worst video by far. The clip is just her standing in front of a green screen while the flags of different countries wave behind her. And I guess she was going for the sexy dictator look, which just does not work. What makes the video more unbearable is the rap she throws in about getting lattes and doing Pilates towards the end. No Madonna. Just no.

Is there an awful video from your favorite artist that I missed? Is one of the videos on the list secretly one of your favorites? Share your thoughts in the comments below.



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